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Branded Video Production

Use video to connect with your fans and followers

Branded video content is a strategy for promoting a specific cause or objective while still keeping your business in the background. Real, amusing, usually less than 60 seconds long, and targeted at your main audience are some of the criteria to consider when developing branded video content.

What is branded video content, and why should you use it?

no discussion of the brand. Branded video content helps humanize your company by engaging audiences emotionally and developing your brand voice.

What are the characteristics of a successful branded video production?

  • Short and sweet
  • Not self-promotional
  • Tells a story
  • Feels genuine and authentic
  • Unique voice and point-of-view
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When should I use branded video content in my marketing efforts?

Branded video content may be used for a variety of purposes, and it is generally intended to entertain or educate an audience. To begin with, these videos are an excellent method to catch the attention of possible new consumers on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube because you aren’t making them feel sold to. Branded video content may be used to communicate with a strong, core client base by reminding them of your products and services in an entertaining way.

When it comes to generating awareness and establishing connections with new and existing consumers, branded videos are your best bet. If you want to go deeper on a subject while still keeping the individual videos brief as part of a PR campaign or for ongoing social media engagement, consider using branded video content in a series format.

How do we create a concept for branded videos?

We build a plan for branded video material by first fully comprehending the message we’re conveying and why it’s essential to your target audience. We’ll plunge in head-first to understand the topic if it has previously been discussed on your blog, industry publications, or other videos.

After we’ve established a clear vision for your brand and the needs of your target audience, we’ll create engaging methods to package that message in whatever manner is needed so that it connects more effectively with your target audience. We also consider where branded video content will be published so that we may properly design certain production and design features for the project.

Branded Video Examples