Crafting the Perfect Logo for Universal Planning and Development


Universal Planning and Development, Atlanta Land Developer


Universal Planning and Development, an up-and-coming land developer based in Atlanta, sought a logo representing their brand identity and resonating with their target audience. While one of the owners had a conceptual sketch in mind, translating it into a professional, versatile, and timeless logo was a challenge that required expertise and creativity.


Upon receiving the client’s initial sketch, Dualdeko’s team of designers embarked on a collaborative process, aiming to stay true to the client’s vision while infusing our professional touch.

Iteration and Expansion

Starting with the client’s original idea, we produced several refined versions to demonstrate how subtle changes could affect the overall impact. Simultaneously, believing that we could introduce some fresh perspectives, we designed a few entirely new logo concepts that encapsulated the essence of Universal Planning and Development.

Feedback Loop

Open communication was key. With each presentation, we engaged the client in detailed discussions, receiving feedback and ensuring that our designs were aligning with their vision and brand identity.


The iterative process allowed us to home in on the final design, adjusting elements such as lines, typography, and layout.

Color Selection

Recognizing that colors play a pivotal role in branding, we collaborated with the client to pick a palette that resonated with their brand message and ensured versatility across various platforms.


After a series of tweaks and modifications, we unveiled a logo that struck the right balance between the client’s original vision and our recommendation for a design that stands the test of time. The chosen logo effectively communicates the brand ethos of Universal Planning and Development, ensuring a robust visual identity as they continue their growth trajectory.


At Dualdeko, we understand that a logo is more than just a visual element; it’s the face of a brand. Our approach, grounded in collaboration and expertise, ensures that our clients walk away with a personally resonant logo and professionally polished logo.

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