Decatur Med Spa Boosts Online Visibility and Traffic by 520% - A Case Study in Overcoming SEO Challenges

The Results

Before After


Our partner, a well-known Decatur Med Spa, faced significant challenges in the highly competitive beauty industry. Despite having a loyal customer following and a recognizable brand, they lacked proper online visibility. Our partner had previously enlisted the services of an SEO agency, but after a year-long unsuccessful campaign, they turned to us for help.


We conducted a thorough analysis and developed a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy focused on improving our partner’s online visibility and traffic. We collaborated with the partner’s team to ensure their website met current SEO standards and best practices, including making modifications to the content, titles, and meta descriptions. We also performed keyword research to identify high-value and relevant keywords to target. We then implemented manual outreach to secure link opportunities on authoritative women and beauty blogs to improve our partner’s online trust and relevancy. Additionally, we optimized the site’s local SEO to increase its visibility in local search results.


Our efforts resulted in significant improvement for our partner’s online visibility and traffic. Within the first few months of our engagement, our partner experienced a continuous growth in both online and offline traffic, resulting in a 520% increase in organic traffic. The trust built from the SEO campaign improved their site rankings overall and increased organic positions for targeted content terms.


Despite the challenges posed by the highly competitive beauty industry, our comprehensive SEO strategy, including improving online visibility and traffic, securing link opportunities, and optimizing local SEO, resulted in significant improvement for our partner’s website.

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