Dualdeko's Successful SPLOST Campaign for Newton County


Dualdeko, a marketing agency, was approached by the local chamber and SPLOST committee to create a marketing campaign for the upcoming SPLOST vote. SPLOST stands for Special Purpose Local Sales Tax. The aim was to educate citizens of Newton County about the 1 cent sales tax, the past projects completed with the tax, and the new projects proposed.


Dualdeko’s strategy was to create a new WordPress website to educate citizens about SPLOST. The website would include information about past projects and the proposed new projects. Dualdeko also shot videos to explain some of the past projects and interviewed the SPLOST committee. Additionally, Dualdeko conducted a geo-targeting campaign, where citizens in areas that could be impacted by the new projects were shown display ads. The ads showed what Dualdeko felt were the best projects affecting citizens in those neighborhoods.


The SPLOST campaign was a resounding success. The $108 million 2022 SPLOST passed, and approximately 46,000 citizens voted in favor of the new SPLOST. The website built by Dualdeko helped educate citizens about the 1 cent sales tax and the proposed new projects. The videos and interviews helped explain past projects and the role of the SPLOST committee. The geo-targeting campaign helped reach citizens in areas that could be impacted by the new projects.


Dualdeko’s successful SPLOST campaign for Newton County highlights the importance of a well-executed marketing campaign. By using a combination of strategies, including a new website, videos, interviews, and geo-targeting, Dualdeko was able to educate citizens about SPLOST and gain support for the new projects. The results speak for themselves, with a $108 million SPLOST passed and thousands of citizens voting in favor of the new tax.

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