Location-Based Advertising:

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Drive results where it matters most with the transformative force of Location Advertising

Elevate your marketing strategy with the unparalleled impact of Location-Driven Campaigns

In the digital age, precision matters, especially in advertising. Enter Geofencing Marketing, a game-changing strategy that enables marketers to target users based on their physical location. With hyperlocal precision down to 50 feet, your ads can reach the right audience at the right place and time.

How It Works

Place-Based Remarketing

We go beyond traditional advertising by using device data and interest categorization to serve ads to people based on where they've been. Reach your audience at key locations throughout the city, from trade shows to neighborhood households.

Many Ways to Use Geo Fencing Marketing



Target rival businesses or competitor locations, reaching their customers with your compelling offers.


Tradeshows & Events:

Advertise at conventions, stadiums, sporting events, and trade shows, capturing the attention of event attendees.


Neighborhood Households:

Utilize addressable geofencing to target specific households, from 1,000 to 1,000,000 addresses.


Retail Competitors:

Direct your ads towards other retailers or your competitors' locations, engaging with their customer base.

Behavioral Targeting

Our advanced Geo Fencing Advertising allows for precise behavioral targeting. Pinpoint user interests and purchase intent based on hyperlocal data, including over 25 predefined segments like "Foodies," "Golfers," or "Business People." We also create custom segments tailored to our unique needs.

Time-Lapse Targeting and Demographics

Time-Lapse Targeting: Retarget users based on location and time, publishing ads to those who visited specific places within the last 12 months.

Demographics: Show ads to people based on their demographics, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.

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