High-End Kitchen and Bath Remodeler Sees 925% Increase in Ad Conversions: A Case Study in Overcoming High Competition and Costs


Our partner, a high-end kitchen and bath remodeler in Alpharetta, Georgia, faced significant challenges with their PPC campaign. With hundreds of competitors in their area, including big box stores, the competition level was high, and their budget didn’t allow for the impression share needed to drive results. Additionally, their search campaign had high click costs ranging from $15 to $145, resulting in a high cost-per-conversion that took a significant chunk of profit out of each acquired kitchen and bath service from Google.


We developed a comprehensive retargeting and geo-targeting strategy to improve conversion rates and lower costs. Our approach included extensive keyword research and retargeting campaigns that utilized custom-designed ad images and hand-picked landing pages. We closely monitored the performance of the campaign and made manual adjustments to ensure optimal results. Throughout the life of the campaign, we continually tweaked our ad creatives, finding the images and content that resonated with our audience and encouraged clicks. We relied on a user-friendly and engaging website to drive conversions.


Our efforts resulted in a significant improvement in our partner’s PPC campaign. Our hand-picked landing pages provided a more direct conversion path and improved performance significantly. After a well-known spring home and garden trade show in 2022, the remarketing campaign paid off by bringing back previous visitors and showing a previously unheard-of conversion volume. In April 2022, our partner saw 41 conversions compared to only 4 conversions in April 2021, representing a 925% increase in conversions. In May 2022, our partner experienced a 342% increase in conversions compared to the same month in 2021, with 31 conversions compared to only 7.


Despite the challenges posed by high competition and costs, our comprehensive PPC strategy, including extensive keyword research and retargeting campaigns, significantly improved conversion rates and reduced costs for our partner.

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