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Using the Wrong Keywords can kill your marketing efforts fast.

Businesses of all sizes and types need to be found online by potential customers. If your marketing strategy doesn’t focus on what your target audience is actually searching for, you’re leaving it to chance that customers will find you and not your competitors. That’s where Dualdeko Search Engine Marketing comes in: we’ll conduct the necessary research, analyze our findings, and apply our expertise so that you can receive the visibility you deserve in a way that makes sense for your business. Take a minute to provide us with some basic information about business, and we can start the process today!
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Keyword Research

The team at Dualdeko focuses on strategies and methods that help its customers succeed.  By being in Google’s search results, people are more likely to find your website organically or via paid ads.  It is not just about showing up for the correct terms, though – it’s about having the correct strategy in place to acquire as many relevant keywords as possible and building a list of solid competitors’ keywords at the same time.  Keyword research is the foundation of any successful online marketing campaign.  Identifying popular search phrases indicates how often people will use these words when conducting searches when looking for particular products or services.

Keyword research allows marketers to have a good understanding of the amount of competition and demand that certain terms face.  Finding these target phrases that customers use to discover a company and its products and services is essential for the campaign’s success.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of just what it takes to grow your business in this digital age.  With access to only the most cutting edge tools and technology, we can use our knowledge and experience to tailor an online marketing campaign that’s right for you!  We also pride ourselves on having a great network of professionals and resources that allows us to offer impartial advice while still offering real solutions.

Long Tail Keyword Research

At Dualdeko, we understand the value of long-tail keyword research.  Longtails are three to four keyword phrases that are overly specific and tailored to whatever a company may be selling.  For example, The search phrase “small ceramic owls” is long tail because it blends two words together as one concept into a singular phrase.  Whenever a potential customer uses a long tail keyword, they know exactly what they are looking for, what they need, and are more likely than others to convert during their search session on the Internet.  This is not just limited to product-based searches – you can use long-tail marketing techniques in any industry or vertical!

Here are a few reasons why long tails beat out broad keywords.

You may think you’re safe using broad and general keywords, but unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to SEO. When fighting for those terms, your business will be going against mega-companies with far more capital to spend on aggressive marketing. On the other hand, using specific keyword phrases can reach your targeted audience – when they are ready to buy.
Your ad copy comes across as being more genuine when using long-tail keyword searches because you’re not just trying to sell the product or service but rather provide a solution based on a need that the person expressed through their research. Long-tail are also less expensive per click as they perform better, which is another big plus of utilizing them in your marketing strategy!
The benefits of content marketing include increased website traffic, improved SEO, and increased brand awareness.