Newton Education Foundation: Branding Beyond a Logo


NEF approached Dualdeko with a dual challenge: craft a professional logo tailored to appeal to major corporate donors and create a slogan that would encapsulate their vision of a growing community.

The Dualdeko Approach

Deep Dive Discussion: To truly understand NEF’s aspirations, we held a comprehensive meeting with their entire board. This provided invaluable insights into their preferences, goals, and the image they wanted to project.

Designing with Direction: With two clear themes emerging – a tree or an apple – our creative team set about designing multiple variations, ensuring each concept was steeped in professionalism and echoed NEF’s mission.

Crafting the Message: We brainstormed slogans that resonated with the idea of a thriving educational community. The objective was to create a tagline that would strike a chord and inspire potential donors.

Feedback Loop: Rather than making a unilateral decision, we involved the board members in the decision-making process. A poll was conducted to shortlist the top three logos and slogans, ensuring everyone had a say.

Executive Decisions: With the narrowed-down options, we reconvened with the executive team for final deliberations. While they had their top picks, we presented an alternative logo based on three pillars: simplicity, strength, and trustworthiness. In philanthropy, these qualities are paramount to instill confidence in individual and corporate donors.


After thoughtful discussion, the executive team was persuaded by our rationale and opted for our recommended logo. The finalized branding aligned with NEF’s ethos and was tailored to resonate with potential large-scale donors, encapsulating trust and a vision of a prospering educational community.


At Dualdeko, our branding journey isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about understanding our clients’ narratives and ensuring their branding is both authentic and strategic. With NEF, we delivered a brand identity that is set to make an indelible mark in their outreach efforts.

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