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For any small business, video marketing is pivotal. At Dualdeko, we don't just produce videos; we craft high-quality visual narratives that genuinely resonate with viewers.

Enlightening Videos Tailored for Your Audience

At Dualdeko, we specialize in crafting videos that showcase your products and services and educate your potential clients. Our comprehensive approach involves devising a compelling script, meticulous storyboarding, and expertly shooting your video. Once filmed, our post- production team ensures a polished finish while our marketing experts optimize distribution and visibility.

The potency of video marketing is undeniable. A well-curated video has the power to breathe life into your brand, weave impactful stories, drive website traffic, enhance SEO, and catalyze lead generation. Leveraged appropriately, videos become more than just content; they’re strategic assets that effectively resonate with your audience.

Services we provide

Explainer Video Production

Simplifying the complex: Explainer videos that resonate

Educational Video Production

Crafting clarity and knowledge, one educational video at a time.

Customer Testimonial Video Production

Got happy customers? Let them do the talking.

Commercial Video Production

Crafting commercials that captivate, convert, and communicate.

Video Series Production

Develop one perfect concept across multiple videos.

Company Story Video Production

Put your company's values and goals into action.

Social Media Video Production

Feed your social feed with something short, fun and mobile-friendly.

Repurposing Written Content to Videos

Take existing written content and bring it to life with a video.

Repurpose Old Video

Have an old video that seems dated; we can pump new life into it.

Our Portfolio

State Farm

Gents Grooming Lounge

Arbor Equity

Back the Vax

Car Dealership Commercial

Newton Tax Commissioner

Wildflower Collective

Onyx MS


Newton Education Foundation

All Around Covington

Your Pie

Creative Process

What's the process for making a video?

Creating a video is an intricate dance of three pivotal stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.


This initial phase is all about vision and strategy. Here, we clarify the intent and content of your
video, enlist the right talents, and select the ideal equipment.


This is where your vision gets a heartbeat. It's the tangible phase where we capture your story
on camera. Our adept producers seamlessly coordinate the shoot, ensuring it aligns with your
vision and budget.


The finishing touches. We refine, edit, and weave together the captured moments to deliver a
cohesive and compelling narrative. Collaborate with our expert editors to sculpt a video that stands out in professionalism and polish.

Your Next Step?

Diving deeper into the world of video, you’ve glimpsed its potential for your business.
Wondering which video style aligns with your vision?

No worries if you’re uncertain. Our expert team is here to illuminate the path. We’ll brainstorm video concepts that resonate with your audience and amplify your marketing ambitions.

Ready to bring your vision to life? Fill out the form to your right, and kickstart your journey to a tailored video quote.