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Web Development Process

Step 1 Discovery

Project Scope Call – We will discuss and finalize the scope of your project.  This could include, but is not limited to, a general breakdown of the number of pages, which may or may not be specified in terms of templates, and any other special functions that might be needed as part of your website!  Will you provide content, or will our content creation team take of it?  Don’t worry; we will try to keep this as simple for you as possible.

Website Proposal– Once we have a comprehensive understanding of what your project involves, we will be sent a detailed project proposal, listing precisely what your project will consist of in terms of what is expected, our budget, the time period, and everything else that needs to be included.  Everything that will be included in the project will be outlined in the proposal.

Client Portal– If the proposal works for you and you decide to move forward with the new design with us; we will send you a custom client portal, where you can answer questions about your business, customers, example website and a place to upload any files, logos or images.

Web Design Discovery Call–   On the Discovery Call, we’ll go through the Website Questionnaire from the client portal item by item and evaluate its content together.  We’ll gather information, ask questions, review sample sites, define your site’s mission and success objectives, and so on.

Step 2 Content

Sitemap– We’ll work with you to create the site’s content architecture, commonly known as the sitemap.  We’ll first determine who the primary visitor categories are and ensure that all content is accessible to all user types.

Content– The client will normally provide the content for the website.  If the client is unsure about writing the content or would like our team to research and write content for the site, our content writer’s would be more than happy to assist. 

Images– We are more than happy to use your existing images if they are high quality and professionally done.  Websites are visual, and you can’t half do it when it comes to your images.  Your images will help to tell your story and paint a visual of your product or services.  We can have a professional photographer take photos, and we can also purchase royalty-free images on your behalf. 

Step 3 Design

Homepage– The first step is to decide on a homepage design.  There will be numerous opportunities to tinker with the design and make improvements until it’s perfect.  The mockups for the interior pages will follow after you’ve approved the homepage design.

Inner Pages– Once the homepage mockup has been approved, all of the interior page templates are mocked up together at once, and all of the modifications for these pages are made in batches.  The design process for the website is now complete, and we’re ready to get started on the site’s development.

Step 4 Development

Website Construction– We will create your site on a live test server.  The new site will be completely mobile responsive and display correctly across the most popular web browsers.


Content– Now that the site has been developed, we will add the contents, images and videos. 


Testing– We will test your site on all major devices and browsers to ensure that it is functioning properly and appears exactly like the design we discussed.


Training– We’ll show you how to update and modify the site’s elements without having to know any code, and we’ll give you step-by-step training on how to do it.  This and additional training is in our client portal.  We may also provide tutorials over the phone or through zoom for your staff.


Launch– After you have viewed the last version of the test site and you’ve given your final approval, the site is ready to go live.  The launch procedure generally takes place within 24-48 hours.