Educational Video Production

Entice people to watch and learn.

Educational video content is instructional, informative, and shareable content that promotes you and your company as an expert or thought leader in your field. It might be a behind-the-scenes tour of how your product is manufactured, an animated infographic, or a video about current trends in your field. You may also consider creating educational video material by turning your most popular blog posts, and most faq’s into educational video content. If it’s something your audience would find useful, it’s a good candidate for video.

What is educational video content, and why should you use it?

Every industry is ripe for creating educational video content. All it takes is a little expertise, like knowing exactly what to look for in a good used car or a hot trending topic, like how to make healthy lunches. Educational content is also a great way to widen your funnel and move up in search rankings for hot topics.

What are the characteristics of the perfect educational video??

  • Useful and informative info
  • Clear messaging
  • Simple, easy-to-follow points
  • Engaging on-screen talent or characters
  • 1-2 minutes in length
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When and how should you use educational video content?

Educational videos should be used at the top of the funnel to raise awareness and establish trust. They are not meant to promote a product or service. On social media or as part of your content marketing strategy, they’re most successful as an engagement tool.

How do we create a concept for educational video content?

If you already have a solid understanding of the subject, that’s great. We will extract the most important elements from whatever material you provide and determine the finest teaching structure for it. This frequently entails collaborating with your team’s professionals to establish a clear message with an interesting story while maintaining independence in delivering it. The key to a successful explainer video concept is balance. The creative is needed to engage the viewer and provide them with a motive to watch your video. The strategy is needed for ensuring that you communicate a message that connects with your audience and encourages them to perform the intended action.

Educational Video Examples