Newton County Tax Commissioner Website and Brand Redevelopment.

Empowering the 23rd Largest County in the State of Georgia Tax Commissioner to Fulfill their Mission with a new site and brand.


The Tax Commissioner is an elected Constitutional Office responsible for performing all functions related to billing, collecting, accounting for and disbursing ad valorem taxes collected in Newton County. The Tax Commissioner also serves as an agent of the State Revenue Commissioner for the registration of motor vehicles.


The Tax Commissioner of Newton County initially came to us looking for assistance with maintaining and updating their old website. It was created on an obsolete, out-of-date PHP framework and wasn’t the vision the Tax Commissioner had in mind. The Tax commissioner also found it distressing that his department didn’t have a genuine brand or logo.


We were there for them when they were ready to go all in on a comprehensive branding and website redesign.


We knew there was a lot of work to do, as their existing site was not only a mess of code, but also an eyesore. We began our research by conducting extensive stakeholder interviews with the Tax Commissioner, deputy Tax Commissioner, and staff to understand the redesign’s main objectives.


We also conducted a comprehensive content and analytics assessment to ensure we had all the information our citizens needed.  We also conducted a comprehensive competitive audit to see what other tax commissioners were doing on their websites and to take stock of what was and wasn’t working for them.

Branding Desgin

The Tax Commissioner wanted a logo that represented the community. He wanted it to be easy to recognize and also look good on printed items and shirts.

We wanted to inject some new life into the logo design, so we paired a brighter, more energetic blue with a contrasting lighter blue highlight color against a brilliant white background.

It was time to get started after we had the plan in place. We were able to have a lot of fun developing the visual approach for the early portion of the project. The site received a lot of life from the Newton County Tax Commissioner’s new blue color palette.

Next, we had professional photos taken of the Tax Commissioner Admin building, plus photos of the downtown government buildings.

Video Production

We recommended to the Tax Commissioner some explainer videos to visually explain and educate complex topics such as homestead exemption to the citizens.

Now it was time to write some code after the designs were finalized. Our developers went with WordPress as their CMS because it is user-friendly. The many parties involved in keeping the Tax website up-to-date with content would be able to promptly and simply make modifications thanks to the user-friendly content management system (CMS).

Test and Launch

We are extremely happy with the end result. We completed a lot of testing after it was finished, which was especially crucial due to the number of people in Newton County who depend on the site for information.

We also had to make sure the site functioned properly in all device sizes and browsers, ensuring that everyone who visits the site is able to access the information they seek as quickly and easily as possible.

It was finally time for the event we’d all been anticipating – the launch! We were eager to get the new and improved website into the hands of the public after months of hard work and meticulous planning. A thorough launch plan ensured that we had everything in order, and we launched the site live.

The Results

The website has been well-received since it went live. The Newton County Tax Commissioner is now better positioned to fulfill its duty of service to the people. They now have a stable platform on which to distribute vital information to residents, as well as more transparency and education around the tax process. We are excited to see how they continue to utilize the site to best serve the citizens of Newton County.

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