Customer Testimonial Video Production

Getting your most valuable customers on-camera describing their experience.

Customer testimonial videos, or a case study video, are a method of having your customers speak for you. Putting your most satisfied, happy, or successful clients on screen has the ability to personalize your product or service in a powerful way. A customer testimonial video generally consists of one or more customers telling their story about how your brand has made a positive impact on their life or business.

Customer Testimonial Videos: What Are They, and Why Use Them?

The most critical component of a testimonial video is to get your customers to describe their problem and the manner in which your company resolved it. This sort of video, which usually includes b-roll shots of your customer utilizing your product or service in their own environment, is generally jam-packed with interview footage.

Traits of a fantastic client testimonial video:

  • Authentic, with personal details
  • Natural responses (No scripts!)
  • Not overly promotional (It’s about your customer!)
  • Clear problem/solution narrative
  • Customers with confidence
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When and how should you use a client testimonial video?

Customer testimonials can have a powerful visual impact near the fold on your homepage or on a special customer page. Putting up this sort of material before they make a purchase might help to alleviate any lingering concerns and reassure them with some third-party social posts.

How do we create a concept for customer testimonial videos?

Looking for customers who are loyal and pleased, as well as people you think would be good on camera, is up to you. That may seem like a difficult challenge, but we’ll help you figure out who to look for in your client base. We’ll spend some time getting to know them and their experience before the interview once we’ve chosen the candidate.

Don’t be concerned about putting your most valued clients on the spot if you’re feeling nervous. It’s not your customers who are under pressure; it’s up to us. It’s our job to get to know their story and make them feel at ease while also guiding the discussion in the right direction in order to capture meaningful answers.

Testimonial Video Examples