Video Series

Build your brand with several  videos as part of a larger campaign or content strategy

What is a video series, and why use one?

A business video series is a set of informative videos produced with the same aim in mind. Traditionally, three or more videos have been made in order to appeal to both customers and potential customers.

We’re in business to tell stories for our clients, and we particularly enjoy the storytelling possibilities a company video series provides. It’s an opportunity to go above and beyond simply selling a product or service. A business video series gives you a unique chance to connect with a wider audience, help them understand complex issues in your industry, and urge them to interact with the company.

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When should I use a video series?

After testimonial videos, explainer (or sales) videos, and other tutorial content have been developed, a video series is sometimes produced. It’s critical to distribute your business video series through channels where you anticipate seeing repeat traffic.

During a major campaign, publish your series on social media in order to add value to your followers. Share a series on how to properly file your taxes during the early part of the year, for example. Include the videos on your blog or a separate website, and provide additional material around the themes covered in the series. We frequently advise our customers to publish their business video series to YouTube—this is a smart way to retain the narrative. The platform allows you to create multiple series out of your videos, which can then be played in sequence automatically.

How do we create a video series?

The procedure for a business video series begins similarly to many of our other projects, but we talk at a higher degree. We consider how scalable the potential strategies are when proposing concepts or visual styles. As a result, we’re generating strategic, creative ideas that are very doable and executable.

After the concept, we start with storyboards and character designs. These are then turned into layouts and animation sequences by our creative team. From there, we take a somewhat staggered approach from episode to episode throughout the production process. This frequently means that each subsequent episode is one stage behind its predecessor. For example, if the first episode of the series is animation, the second episode would be in style frames, and episode three would be in storyboards.

Video Series Examples